The Farm Forestry scheme is a unique initiative of HNL, implemented with the active participation of Voluntary / Non Governmental Organisations ((NGOs). Pulp wood seedlings of various species such as Bamboo, Mangium, Reeds, Acacia, Eucalyptus etc. are distributed through NGOs. High yielding clonal pulp wood plantlets developed at HNL clonal complex are also distributed at subsidised rates.

Highlights of the HNL Farm Forestry Scheme:

  • Launched in the year 1996.
  • Production and distribution of high yielding pulp wood seedlings at subsidized rates through NGO’s.
  • About 125 organizations from all parts of Kerala actively participate in the scheme each year.
  • Scheme covers all the 14 districts of the State.
  • HNL conducts mass contact programmes across the length and breadth of the State to create awareness and to impart know-how on good practices in pulpwood cultivation.
  • Resulted in making the marginal and barren lands productive, providing an additional income to the farmers – does not affect regular plantation / agricultural crops.
  • Ensures meeting the twin objective of a clean environment and an increased availability of pulp wood.
  • A total of 205 lakh seedlings distributed so far.


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