The Purchase at Gate scheme was launched by HNL as a complementary programme to Farm Forestry scheme. As per this scheme, pulp wood materials are purchased directly from farmers at a remunerative price at the company gate doing away with middlemen.

Highlights of the HNL Purchase at Gate Scheme:

  • Launched in the year 1998.
  • Direct purchase of raw materials from farmers.
  • Farmers can bring in pulp wood directly to HNL gate and collect the price immediately.
  • No middlemen involved – farmers get fair price for their produce.
  • Swings in the market do not affect the farmers as the demand from the company is consistent.
  • A total of 4.27 lakh tonnes of material collected so far.

The scheme is open and company is procuring about 2500 MT of material annually through this .
Suppliers/agents/farmers interested in knowing the details of HNL's attractive Gate Purchase scheme may contact:

Shri Sanathananan  K.  HOD(FDP) at

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