Raw Materials

Materials Required

  • Fibrous raw materials like wood, reed, bamboo etc.
  • Old Newspaper (ONP) and Old Magazines (OMG) for De-Inking Plant.
  • Chemicals used in pulp and paper making like caustic soda, hydrogen peroxide etc.
  • Packing materials like kraft paper, grey board etc.
  • Imported machineries and spares
  • General spares like motors, bearings etc.
  • Fuels like coal, furnace oil etc.
  • Paper machine clothing (felts, wires and screens)

Fibrous raw materials
HNL meets a major portion of its requirement for fibrous raw materials from forest sources. The credit for the superior quality of HNL newsprint goes to the unique raw material: Reed (Ochlandra travancorica) which is a specialty of Kerala forests.

The company has a long-term agreement with the Government of Kerala for the supply of Eucalyptus wood and Reed from state forests. Dwindling forest resources has led to this supply getting diminished in the past few years.

HNL has developed appropriate alternatives by :

  • Raising captive plantations using own resources and technical know-how on land allotted for that purpose by Govt. of Kerala, and also on vacant land made available by various institutions like Railways.
  • Encouraging pulp wood cultivation on agricultural land through implementation of farm forestry schemes.
  • Procuring raw materials from neighbouring states where they are available.
  • Buying Eucalyptus, Bamboo and other 'pulpable' raw materials from local suppliers and farmers directly under "Purchase at Gate" scheme.
  • Recycling of waste paper to manufacture pulp.

Chemicals and packing materials
HNL being a process industry, utilises a range of chemicals in the production process. The list of these chemicals and their annual requirements are as follows:


(Annual Requirement in MT)

Hydrogen Peroxide (50% concentration) 4,600
Soap Stone Powder(Talcum) 3,700
Caustic soda lye 4,300
Raw Lime Shell 7,000
Chlorine 725
Non-ferric Alum 1,700
Ferrous chloride ( for ETP) 19,000
Sodium Silicate 2,700
Sodium Sulphate 1,100
Sulphuric Acid 450
Hydrochloric Acid 150


Packing materials

Kraft paper 925
Grey Board 575


HNL has a 22 MW coal-based captive power generation facility. HNL requires a large amount of fuel and electricity for its production process.

Coal (indegenous & Imported) 0.15 million MT
Electricity (Purchased) 1050 lac Units
Furnace Oil 2500 Kilo litre.

 HNL is particular in procuring quality chemicals and other inputs as per specifications/norms.

For further information prospective suppliers / agents may kindly contact :
Mr. John Mathews A , Sr.Manager (Commercial ) at johnmathews@hnlonline.com

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