HNL requires around 100 MT of Old Newspapers and 40 MT of Old Magazines per day as raw material for its 100 TPD De-Inking Plant commissioned in December 2002. In order to meet this requirement, HNL launched the 'Waste Paper Recovery & Collection' Scheme, which enables collection of old papers and magazines through a structured mechanism, with the help of NGO's, self-help groups and other voluntary organisations.

Highlights of HNL Waste Paper Recovery & Collection Scheme:

  • Operation of De-inking plant from the year 2002.
  • Preserves forest materials from about 10,000 Ha. of land.
  • Energy efficient, environment-friendly technology, contributing significantly to cost reduction drives and greening initiatives.
  • Raw materials for re-cycling.
  • Used Newspaper & Magazine paper from indigenous and imported sources.
  • Total generated waste paper in the state – 260 Tons per day.
  • Total requirement of the company – 140 Tons per day
  • Total collection by the company - 70 Tons per day - 26 % of the total availability.
  • Job avenues in the informal sector by way of waste paper collection, storage and transportation.
  • Efforts are on to intensify the collection through the formulation of a structured collection mechanism through the neighborhood groups of the Kudumbasree and other NGO’s.


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